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Affordable Housing Policy 2013 By Haryana Government

Affordable Housing Policy is a comprehensive housing policy introduced by the Government of Haryana under section 9A of the Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975.

This policy is introduced by the Haryana Government in order to promote ‘Group Housing Projects’ that are of ‘predefined sizes’, available at ‘predefined rates’ and completed within a ‘targeted time span’ in urban, developed areas of the state so as to make these affordable houses available to the deserving candidates.

The policy is headed by the Director General, Town and Country Planning Haryana with a view of developing affordable houses in urban areas of the state of Haryana including GurgaonSohnaFaridabad.

An important factor that needs to be kept in mind regarding the policy is that all the projects that fall under the Affordable Housing Policy should be completed within a stipulated time frame of 4 years counted from the date of approval of the building plan or the issue of the environment clearance, whichever out of these two falls later. So, whichever would be the decided date that would be known as the ‘date of commencement of Project’ and it cannot be renewed after the stipulated time frame of 4 years which remains pre-decided.

Another crucial factor that is to be kept under consideration is that all the projects that fall under the category of Affordable Housing Policy and granted a license for the same cannot be converted into a normal project under any circumstances whether or not it falls under the 20% residential sector area limit as prescribed under the policy.

These affordable houses are categorized under a price value of below 30 lakhs that are located at an upscale area of Gurgaon equipped with all the premium amenities to allow a lavish life at affordable prices to the middle income group.

Thus, the Affordable Housing Policy is a very positive initiative taken by the Government that has been fruitfully developing group housing projects at economical prices at developed areas of Haryana since 2013.

Amenities In Affordable Housing Projects

The Haryana Government has taken special care to include some important amenities as a part of Affordable Housing Projects including –

  •   One built-up community hall of minimum 1000 sq ft.
  •   One built-up Anganwadi-cum crèche of minimum 1000 sq ft.
  •   A dedicated car parking for every flat owner.

Eligibility Criteria

As far as the eligibility criteria under the affordable housing policy is concerned, anybody can apply for these affordable housing units.

However, those who include their dependent spouse and/or children who do not own a house of their own are given first preference while allotting houses under the affordable housing policy.

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